And… did we mention the nature yet?

Clean air, fresh water, land to roam, hills to climb… Just imagine if a spruce forest started from your own yard? Or if you could pick the superfoods to your morning porridge from the nearby woods? Not many places can offer you an escape from the hectic city life without winding up in an overcrowded tourist resort.

The magic of the Northeast

Two thirds of the area covered by forests, about 2000 lakes, rugged ridges, hills, marshes, backwoods, rivers with sandy beaches… Here, the diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna is enormous. North Karelia provides excellent surroundings for recreation and relaxation for nature-lovers. In Finland, we have this thing called the everyman’s right. It means you’re free to roam the countryside, set up a camp or pick wild berries and mushrooms if you’d like – wherever. Pretty neat! Here, people live in harmony with nature, in the rhythm of the four seasons where a snowy winter is guaranteed every year.

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