It’s the perfect choice for the whole family.

Sick of the hectic concrete jungle? Bored of the same traffic jams? Dreaming of a more slow-paced life? Then North Karelia is your choice. It’s the ultimate dreamers’ paradise. And no, the slower pace doesn’t mean that we’re lazy or waste time. It means that even though we work hard, we take time to enjoy the small pleasures of life. 

Expats’ number 1 choice for family life

Since the region is both a beautiful and an affordable place to live, North Karelia appeals to families in particular. Here, the everyday is easier than you can imagine; kindergarten around the corner, the most spacious and clear grocery stores, biking to work if you want – greeted by the smiles of your neighbors. Our genuine community spirit makes us unique. Caring about our neighbors creates a sense of security for people of all ages. There are also other benefits; Finland provides comprehensive support to the whole family from free health clinics for children and mother’s-to-be, free school meals to support equal opportunities for all kids, to flexible working hours for parents. According to Expat Insider’s global survey, Finland is the world’s best country for family life abroad (source: InterNations Expat Insider, 2019).

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