Here, you can always be you.

Looking for a place to fit in, whoever you are? Welcome to North Karelia. What’s common here is the right to be one’s own self without being condemned or discriminated against. We stand for equal rights and appreciate diversity. This is something that is rooted in the Finnish culture, especially the working life.

Equality written in the law

Equal treatment of all people is no joke here, it’s actually guaranteed by our constitution. All people are equal here regardless of their sex, age, ethnic or national origin, language, religion, opinion, disability, health, sexual orientation or any other circumstance connected to them. Finnish working life especially has many rules to ensure equality, such as agreements to determine minimum wages, working hours, holidays, sick pay and the terms of dismissal. And this goes for all expats as well! Our Finnish working culture is in many ways different from the rest of the world; we’re informal, we don’t have a clear hierarchy, and everyone can make a difference.

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