North Karelia is in fact in Finland – and found to be its most social region.

Ever heard the saying “quiet like a Finn”? Well, they clearly didn’t mean us North Karelians. Unlike any other region in Finland, North Karelia is the epitome of openness, authenticity and sociality. And as a unique melting pot of the eastern and western cultures, the region springs out some very special people.

Openness in the core of our being

We, the North Karelians, are known for our hospitality. The core of North Karelia has been and continues to be openness. There’s a low threshold here for conversation and connection. Everyone is welcomed to visit or stay. We’re family-oriented and talkative, have enormous love for our community, and are endlessly interested in other people. It’s our soul and spirit; North Karelianism – caring for loved ones, kindness to strangers, and an open-minded attitude towards change, new ideas and development.